About Us

Meninė drožyba (Artistic carving) is a non-profit public institution, the beneficiary (formerly VšĮ Prienų drožėjai), a group of creative wood carvers founded by folk artist Algimantas Sakalauskas initiation in Prienai 1990. Today, with the experience and authority of the creators of works scattered all over Lithuania and the world (Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Japan, Switzerland, Estonia, France, and Norway). In creative a highly motivated group of artists, folk artists, developers, implementation of projects are assisted by reliable and professional partners. Body is partly financed by private persons of goodwill, minded, loyal friends, and by various programs received financial resources.

We stand together because we respect and appreciate each other’s precious time, friendship and commitment to work towards the objectives of disinterested.



We share

  • Simple philosophy of (human and natural relationships)
  • The objective of (ethnic cultural preservation, dissemination of national heritage)
  • Understandable desire (national identity resuscitation)
  • Inevitable aspirations (business to create artistic, and art for entrepreneurship)



  • Implement responsibly the UNESCO National cross-making heritage conservation and recovery program.
  • Become an attractive space and accelerate the integration of the Lithuanian cultural tourism map.
  • Promote the art of entrepreneurship.
  • Motivating young people to enjoy the creative process and results.
  • Formation of the younger generation of inner freedom and responsibility in a harmonious relationship.



Addressing the public interest in socially useful activities, addressing relevant educational, educational and cultural problems in a language of art.



The highest values – creative people and sincere cooperation in fostering the love of man, art, harmonious environment and unlimited space to chat with the artist’s nature and his unique world.



Turn into a creative person, to convey the knowledge and practical experience, develop and educate the new generations, to protect the identity of the people, the reconstruction of national identity, raising public awareness, disseminating high-quality, and morally healthy way of intangible heritage.


Bank Account

Address: Vilniaus g. 16 Prienai, Lithuania Tel. / Fax. 8-319 51238,
Company code 170784314
Account number LT297300010002566154,
AB Swedbank, a bank code 73000